LTC6803-2 and -4 - Multicell Battery Stack Monitor
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Typical Application

LTC6803-2 Typical Application
LTC6803-2 Typical Application


The LTC6803 is a 2nd generation, complete battery monitoring IC that includes a 12-bit ADC, a precision voltage reference, a high voltage input multiplexer and a serial interface. Each LTC6803 can measure up to 12 series connected battery cells or supercapacitors. Many LTC6803 devices can be stacked to measure the voltage of each cell in a long battery string. Each LTC6803-2/LTC6803-4 has an individually addressable serial interface, allowing up to 16 LTC6803-2/LTC6803-4 devices to interface to one control processor and operate simultaneously. Each cell input has an associated MOSFET switch for discharging overcharged cells. The LTC6803-2 connects the bottom of the stack to V internally. It is pin compatible with the LTC6802-2, providing a drop-in upgrade. The LTC6803-4 separates the bottom of the stack from V, improving cell 1 measurement accuracy.

The LTC6803 provides a standby mode to reduce supply current to 12μA. Furthermore, the LTC6803 can be powered from an isolated supply, providing a technique to reduce battery stack current draw to zero.

The related LTC6803-1 and LTC6803-3 offer a serial interface that allows the serial ports of multiple LTC6803-1 or LTC6803-3 devices to be daisy chained without optocouplers or isolators.

  SPI Interface Isolated V- LTC6802 Pin Compatible
LTC6803-1 Daisy Chain No Yes
LTC6803-2 Addressable No Yes
LTC6803-3 Daisy Chain Yes No
LTC6803-4 Addressable Yes No


LTC6803-2 Package Drawing
LTC6803-2 Package Drawing
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Package Variations and Pricing

Part Number Package Pins Temp Price
LTC6803HG-1#PBF SSOP 44 H $15.53 $11.14
LTC6803HG-1#TRPBF SSOP 44 H $15.59 $11.20
LTC6803HG-2#PBF SSOP 44 H $15.53 $11.14
LTC6803HG-3#PBF SSOP 44 H $15.53 $11.14
LTC6803HG-4#PBF SSOP 44 H $15.53 $11.14
LTC6803HG-4#TRPBF SSOP 44 H $11.20
LTC6803IG-1#TRPBF SSOP 44 I $10.01
LTC6803IG-2#TRPBF SSOP 44 I $10.01
LTC6803IG-3#PBF SSOP 44 I $13.86 $9.95
LTC6803IG-4#PBF SSOP 44 I $13.86 $9.95
LTC6803IG-4#TRPBF SSOP 44 I $10.01
LTC6803IG-2#PBF SSOP 44 I $13.86 $9.95
LTC6803HG-2#TRPBF SSOP 44 H $15.59 $11.20
LTC6803IG-1#PBF SSOP 44 I $13.86 $9.95
LTC6803IG-3#TRPBF SSOP 44 I $10.01
LTC6803HG-3#TRPBF SSOP 44 H $11.20
* The USA list pricing shown is for BUDGETARY USE ONLY, shown in United States dollars (FOB USA per unit for the stated volume), and is subject to change. International prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees and exchange rates. For volume-specific price or delivery quotes, please contact your local Linear Technology sales office or authorized distributor.

Demo Boards

Linear Technology offers many demo boards free of charge to qualified customers. Contact your local sales office or distributor to inquire about a demo board. Certain demo boards are also available for sale via credit card on this website. Demo boards are for evaluation purposes only. It remains the customer’s responsibility to verify proper and reliable operation in the actual end application.

Part Number Description Price Documentation
DC1652A LTC6803-2 (Requires DC590B) | Demo Board $150.00
DC1835A LTC6803-4 (Requires DC590B) | Demo Board $150.00
DC2064A LTC3300ILXE-1 | LTC6803IG-2 High Frequency Bidirectional Multicell Battery Balancer- Companion Board DC590B $475.00

Companion Boards

Part Number Description Price Documentation
DC2026C Linduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform $75.00
DC590B Isolated USB Serial Controller for Linear Technology QuikEval-Compatible Demo Boards $50.00