LTC6430-15 - High Linearity Differential RF/IF Amplifier/ADC Driver
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Typical Application

LTC6430-15 Typical Application
LTC6430-15 Typical Application


The LTC®6430-15 is a differential gain block amplifier designed to drive high resolution, high speed ADCs with excellent linearity beyond 1000MHz and with low associated output noise. The LTC6430-15 operates from a single 5V power supply and consumes only 800mW.

In its differential configuration, the LTC6430-15 can directly drive the differential inputs of an ADC. Using 1:2 baluns, the device makes an excellent 50Ω wideband balanced amplifier. While using 1:1.33 baluns, the device makes a high fidelity 50MHz to 1000MHz 75Ω CATV amplifier.

The LTC6430-15 is designed for ease of use, requiring a minimum of support components. The device is internally matched to 100Ω differential source/load impedance. Onchip bias and temperature compensation ensure consistent performance over environmental changes.

The LTC6430-15 uses a high performance SiGe BiCMOS process for excellent repeatability compared with similar GaAs amplifiers. All A-grade LTC6430-15 devices are tested and guaranteed for OIP3 at 240MHz. The LTC6430-15 is housed in a 4mm × 4mm, 24-lead, QFN package with an exposed pad for thermal management and low inductance. For a single-ended 50Ω IF gain block with similar performance, see the related LTC6431-15.


4x4 QFN-24

LTC6430-15 Package Drawing
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Package Variations and Pricing

Part Number Package Pins Temp Price
LTC6430AIUF-15#PBF QFN 24 I $8.95 $6.44
LTC6430AIUF-15#TRPBF QFN 24 I $6.50
LTC6430BIUF-15#PBF QFN 24 I $5.13 $3.69
LTC6430BIUF-20#TRPBF QFN 24 I $3.75
LTC6430BIUF-20#PBF QFN 24 I $5.13 $3.69
LTC6430AIUF-20#PBF QFN 24 I $8.95 $6.44
LTC6430AIUF-20#TRPBF QFN 24 I $6.50
LTC6430BIUF-15#TRPBF QFN 24 I $3.75
* The USA list pricing shown is for BUDGETARY USE ONLY, shown in United States dollars (FOB USA per unit for the stated volume), and is subject to change. International prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees and exchange rates. For volume-specific price or delivery quotes, please contact your local Linear Technology sales office or authorized distributor.

Demo Boards

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Part Number Description Price Documentation
DC1774A-A LTC6430-15 100-400MHz board $120.00
DC1774A-B LTC6430-15 400-1000MHz board $120.00
DC1946A LTC6430-15 with LTC2158-14 Combo Demoboard | 15dB IF Amplifier with 14-bit 310Msps Dual ADC, req DC1371 $250.00
DC2032A LTC6430-15 75Ohm IF Amplifier board $150.00
DC2090A LTC6430-15 Demo Board | 50MHz to 1200MHz Parallel Connected, Boosted OIP3, ADC/IF Amplifier $150.00
DC2153A LTC6430-15 Demoboard 300MHz to 1700MHz Differential ADC Driver/IF/RF Amplifier $150.00

Companion Boards

Part Number Description Price Documentation
DC1371B FMC High-Speed Data Acquisition Board $1,950.00