LT3932/LT3932-1 - 36V, 2A Synchronous Step-Down LED Driver
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Typical Application

LT3932 Typical Application
LT3932 Typical Application


The LT®3932 is a monolithic, synchronous, step-down DC/DC converter that utilizes fixed-frequency, peak current control and provides PWM dimming for a string of LEDs. The LED current is programmed by an analog voltage or the duty cycle of pulses at the CTRL pin. An output voltage limit can be set with a resistor divider to the FB pin.

The switching frequency is programmable from 200kHz to 2MHz by an external resistor at the RT pin or by an external clock at the SYNC/SPRD pin. With the optional spread spectrum frequency modulation enabled, the frequency varies from 100% to 125% to reduce EMI. The LT3932 also includes a driver for an external, high side PMOS for PWM dimming and an internal PWM signal generator for analog control of PWM dimming when an external signal is not available. The LT3932-1 permits higher dimming ratios.

Additional features include an LED current monitor, an accurate EN/UVLO pin threshold, open-drain fault reporting for open-circuit and short-circuit load conditions, and thermal shutdown.



4x5 QFN-28

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Package Variations and Pricing

Part Number Package Pins Temp Price
LT3932IUFD#TRPBF QFN 28 I $4.32 $3.04
LT3932HUFD#PBF QFN 28 H $4.90 $3.43
LT3932EUFD#PBF QFN 28 E $3.87 $2.71
LT3932EUFD#TRPBF QFN 28 E $3.93 $2.77
LT3932HUFD#TRPBF QFN 28 H $4.96 $3.49
LT3932IUFD#PBF QFN 28 I $4.26 $2.98
LT3932HUFD-1#TRPBF QFN 28 H $4.96 $3.49
LT3932EUFD-1#TRPBF QFN 28 E $3.93 $2.77
LT3932IUFD-1#PBF QFN 28 I $4.26 $2.98
LT3932IUFD-1#TRPBF QFN 28 I $4.32 $3.04
LT3932HUFD-1#PBF QFN 28 H $4.90 $3.43
LT3932EUFD-1#PBF QFN 28 E $3.87 $2.71
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DC2286A LT3932 Demo Board | VIN = 8V to 36V driving two series LEDs (1ALED/6.6VLED) at 2MHz Contact Factory