New Products
LT8391A - 60V 2MHz Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost LED Driver Controller LTC2324-14 - Quad, 14-Bit + Sign, 2Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC LTC2324-12 - Quad, 12-Bit + Sign, 2Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC LTC5552 - 3GHz to 20GHz Microwave Mixer with Wideband DC to 6GHz IF LTC7150S - 20V, 20A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator LTC7004 - Fast 60V High Side NMOS Static Switch Driver LTC2324-16 - Quad, 16-Bit, 2Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC LTC4091 - 36V Battery Charger and Power Backup Manager LT6203X - High Temperature 175°C Dual 100MHz, Rail-to-Rail Input and Output, Ultralow 1.9nV/√Hz Noise, Low Power Op Amp LT1210X - High Temperature 1.0A, 35MHz Current Feedback Amplifier