New Products
LTC2992 - Dual Wide Range Power Monitor LTM8063 - 40VIN, 2A Silent Switcher µModule Regulator LT8650S - Dual Channel 4A, 42V, Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 with 6.2µA Quiescent Current LTC3874-1 - PolyPhase Step-Down Synchronous Slave Controller with Sub-Milliohm DCR Sensing LTM4645 - 25A DC/DC Step-Down µModule Regulator LTM8065 - 40VIN, 2.5A Silent Switcher µModule Regulator LT8672 - Active Rectifier Controller with Reverse Protection LT6275 - Dual 90MHz, 2200V/µs 30V Low Power Op Amp LT8711 - Micropower Synchronous Multitopology Controller with 42V Input Capability LTM4651 - EN55022B Compliant 58V, 24W Inverting-Output DC/DC μModule Regulator