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LTC2320-16 - Octal, 16-Bit, 1.5Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC LTC3895 - 150V Low IQ, Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Controller LT8608 - 42V, 1.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 2.5μA Quiescent Current LTC3871 - Bidirectional PolyPhase® Synchronous Buck or Boost Controller LT3922 - 36V, 2A Synchronous Step-Up LED Driver LTC2512-24 - 24-Bit Over-Sampling ADC with Configurable Flat Passband Digital Filter LT8335 - Low IQ Boost/SEPIC/ Inverting Converter with 2A, 28V Switch LTM2893 - 100MHz Isolated ADC Serial Interface